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Clause 28 homosexuality

It provokes immediate outrage among gay rights campaigners and many teachers. May The legislation becomes Section 28 when the bill passes into law, but the notoriety of the measure means...

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Rocky Balboa: Very funny : )

Why-not: I call bullshit, the two people from france had deep and soft voice and told beautifull things while two of three people from quebec told trivial shit like 'Hi what is your name ?'

Zengalileo: I am french and i always pay, is normal for us.

Claire Eaton: A lovely land

KL GamerBR: She's a good actress. Not sure if she's truly Russian.

Vincent I: Omg the guy looks like Bobby Tarantino


Tegan May: When you're so greek you recognize the Danforth right away

FactsMania: Do Peruvian women next

Cherry Saturn: I need me a Russian girl

Vivid Girl: Holy hell this is so lame so stereotypical

Conrad Verner: Dating a martian. Please

Dipro001: The crew in the beginning is funny af haha

Alice Jiang: What about 38 million country, Poland?

Youtube Video

Boy George - No Clause 28 - Free Dating Chat


Margaret Thatcher's Anti-Gay Speech (1:00 min) - Online Hookups

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Julie Brouwer: I'm French and I didn't get a word that girl said

Aldo Giusti: The phone part is damn true . Lmao.

Carlo Verga: I am Jamaican and this is 1 accurate and hilarious. Amazing job guys

Omer Bitton: I think this is a bit outdated information. Russian women are become more similar to European/American. This gotta be a girl from a small town/village to so nice. Women from Moscow are often just as bitchy as American/European

Cici Mici: So English women have Danish guy attitude?

Vickie X: That polish was an insult. never heard worse.

Milo XO: I didn't get the end of this video. anyone else?

Blndsund: Now i feel left out! Ahah. Can you do albanian!

ROGER ROGUE: So basically Russian women are what American women were until the 90's went and fucked things up between the sexes.

DumanChannel: All this has done is proven to me it is actually worse than I thought. No selfies? Are they even serious! Who is taking the photos then? A professional shoot! I'm not going to ask a friend to photograph me everywhere I am. Also, ladies, isn't it you all that are selfie lords?

HarriPottah: She is smoking hot !

Ultyma Volta: English. classy? Nandos xDDD Never heard of a boozy lunch before. Kebab is spot on. Yes we suck at tanning :(

How do you know when???

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  • Section 28 or Clause 28 of the Local Government Act caused the addition of Section...
  • While that write-up benchmarks tidy forcefulness show at the holding circle position,...

  • In contrasting, Ford's Copy T got 25 miles per gallon, and today a...

  • Section 28 timeline | Special Reports | Politics
Clause 28 homosexuality

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  1. In Australia it is 50/50 I believe when it comes to the snip but more and more babies are not having it done! YAY!

  2. The amendment was enacted on 24 May , and stated that a local authority "shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality" or "promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship".

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