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They normally real more up in the mountains, where it is cooler.


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How A COUGAR Gets Dressed - Sexy Vs Slutty (Meant To Be Funny) - Better Than Craigslist Hookup

Getting over shyness?

Miyashita: I like Spain, it's something to look at until you can get to a real country, with non maniac tongue flapping people.

This Here: Hungarian here. i know some romanian women. video is 1 accurate ;)

Pablo Rey: Nice video, yes i enjoy watching it,

Dawn Young: Montreal is SO friendly. In one day i was asked out by at least 10 guys.and they're not shy! Toronto guys just stare. some of them are like so so creepy. Guys really need to learn how to flirt like a gentleman :p

King Taehyung: Am I the only one who finds German sexy but doesn't like French at all?

Steven Polvo: Esses portugueses parecem brasileiros.

Rebekah Foote: Sweet I'm Greek and can speak French ahaha

Salman Farizi: Same with Turkey.

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Elregar71: French people. I have come to dislike French people allowing All does Muslim into their country. And fucking their culture up.

Che Serna: Welll. that was a pretty hardcore cringefest. I honestly could not bring myself to watch until the end. Plus, not only is it corny and embarrassing as fuck, most of it is also plain wrong.

Julie James: Looks like she got her a jewish date.

NeiiFrost: I only got the korean one and i also understood what line said!

Sarah Kereen: I'm not turkish but I kinda act like that haha

Rey Devery: Good job guys u got our focken flag wrong. Wankers

DSA GAMER: The white t shirt guy can get it anytime, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk he fine

Willow White: He recited me a french poem and translated into english for me on the first night we spent together. Is that unique for the French?

Daniil Kagan: Everyone has different preferences. Both genders tend to clump all men or all women as preferring one thing or another. Personally, of the photo's I liked the second woman the best (black and white dress and of the women commenting on the photographs I'd have to say Lucy from Russia.

Iluvmusicqwe: Sorry but can't stop laughing

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