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Statistics of sexual size dimorphism in butterflies

In comparative studies of sexual size dimorphism SSD , the methods used to quantify dimorphism are controversial. As an alternative to ratios, the comparative study...

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Sexual Dimorphism - Random Hookups

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  • size for butterfly flight and thermoregulation. G. W. GILCHRIST* Sexual dimorphism in body...
  • Sexual dimorphism - Wikipedia
  • In many animal species, the sexes differ in size (sexual size dimorphism or SSD)...
  • Statistics of sexual size dimorphism.


Our study indicates that sexual dimorphism can be achieved via the use of a single hormone, hydroxyecdysone, present in each sex at different levels. To test this hypothesis, we manipulated 20E signaling in the four butterfly groups. Sexual selection explains Rensch's rule of size dimorphism in shorebirds. To further test the 20E threshold hypothesis, we manipulated 20E signaling in opposite directions, that is, increased 20E titers for groups already having high 20E titers, and reduced 20E signaling in DS males, which were supposedly already below the threshold level of 20E that leads to eyespot center cell division.

Sexual dimorphism in elephant seals is associated with the ability of a male to defend territories, which correlates with polygynic behavior.

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Statistics of sexual size dimorphism in butterflies

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  1. Sexual dimorphism is the condition where the two sexes of the same species exhibit different characteristics beyond the differences in their sexual organs.

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