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U-haul trailer hookups

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How To Hook Up A U-Haul Trailer - Non-Braked - Free Hookup Sights

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I'm sorry to hear that. And it was a life saver when I was constantly borrowing and renting trucks while mine was on the fritz. After we got to Chico and unloaded and delivered the trailer to the local U-haul agent who told us that they should never have rented us that trailer, but was not specific why did we breathe a sigh of releif that the move was over. I'm not looking to pull anything in my sedan - I'm just curious The Prodigy RF will allow your trailer's electric brakes to work with any vehicle that has a properly connected 7 way RV blade power outlet.

After reading so many blogs about the dangers of renting a Uhaul truck, I think that I have been persuaded to use a different service for my moving needs.

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