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Osu marching band sexual harassment

Ohio State University stands by the firing of Jonathan Waters, the marching band director ousted from his job after an...

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And not the solution, which goes beyond compliance. Carter said what campuses should do in re-evaluating their programs is to first survey the campus -- get an idea of the barriers students face in reporting sexual assaults, and design around those responses. OSU's marching band required one physical challenge of new band members: Band members had to perform another challenge called "Find Mr.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Upon the retirement of director Jon Woods in September , Waters was given the role of interim director.

Subsequently, several problems were found in the investigation report that was used as cause to fire Waters.

Several witnesses stepped forward and claimed that their testimony had been used out of context, and that they disagreed with the conclusions of the investigation.

The university's Office of University Compliance launched an investigation following a May 22 report of a female band member who was assaulted in October, and after a parent expressed concern to the university about the band's culture. Waters considers the investigation one-sided. He went on to dot the "i" on November 21, at the home game against Michigan.

The investigation report said the marching band's alumni network, which is now calling for Waters' reinstatement, publishes an annual directory that includes nicknames for some members.

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Fired OSU Marching Band Director, Alumni Fire Back - Hookup Website No Sign Up

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UNC found to have violated Title IX in multiyear investigation White House publishes new rules for reporting, investigating sexual assaults George Washington's new Title IX processes put sexual assault cases in hands of single investigator. Get our free daily newsletter. Though it hired auditors to review the unit, university officials have refused to make the report from the investigation public, saying it could breach student privacy. Waters told investigators about half of the nicknames probably are "questionable" and said the sexual nicknames are not appropriate.

Waters and his staff created shows with extensive animation, including a Michael Jackson show which animated Mr.

Osu marching band sexual harassment
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  3. These centers consolidate resources for survivors of sexual assault, and some have existed for decades, though others are new and continue to crop up at institutions around the country.

  4. And Laci, Right On! You have a vision for a beautiful world and you can help make it a reality, you are an inspiration.

  5. He served as the Director of Marching and Athletic Bands at Ohio State University OSU , and was fired in after an investigation found that he failed to address a highly sexualized culture within the band that promoted sexual harassment.

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