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Dramatic reading of sexy and i know it

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A Dramatic Reading of LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" by Ira David Wood : funny

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The band is extremely tongue-in-cheek and satirical, I wouldn't worry your pretty little panties over it. Get your tin foil hats, it's conspiracy theory time.

It's a wonderful parody of music videos that show off hardly clothed women, which constitute a fairly good portion of music videos as a whole. The entire CD is mostly transistor hits, with one heartfelt commotion and a goofy song approximately hot dogs. They can't be serious about the message they're singing about in any acquiesce what so ever.

I'm predisposed to believe that the group's grounding in the music perseverance allowed them to design their CD and style around making it accessible to people seeking the goal of maximum publication and profit.

Even worse, it's working with disturbing efficiency. They're a group with the best diverse merchandising I've ever seen outside of the Aquabats, and their stuff is every where. A booth in LA was selling Party Rock shirts and shoes. A local bar had a Party Rock Christmas Stocking. Sure, their music lacks anything remotely close to substance, but they're laughing their way to the money bank and that was their goal this total time.




Sexy and I Know It - A Dramatic Reading - Get Paid To Flirt

Brittany D: Yes, I would love to date an Italian women, Love their accents, thanks.

Felipe Deihle: This is rubbish.

Marketa K: These women are desperate, that's all.

Skylar Rain: Speaking Dutch is like raping your throat.

NINJA FLIPPY: I speak french and didn't recognize it?

Hello Life: I'm Polish and this accent is terrible

Rai Key: Conclusion, wemon don't know what they want until another women makes there opinion

Jason Schauer: Theres a big issue here. they are reading a formal text, which means they dont use their country slang words, neither their accent so much, they kinda did a neutral spanish accent.

Stay Positive: How America sees the rest of the world.

Pau Ortiz: Sexiest languages and you dont even mention italian.

LORDMETALMAN: Halik in Filipino ;*

ItsAsliB: I got lost at Spanish

MrKErocks: In Colombia is like in Venezuela and Philippines, but we don't use the chin, we use the lips

Alrod D: Wow, more German women cheat than men. omg!

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Do I admit I like him too??

Should I go to the funeral?

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  • Its kind of like listening to a bad record just by the name you know its...
  • So maybe Ira David Wood isn't sexy and knows it after all. Watch Ira...
  • I am SEXY. and I KNOW IT. (SKIP TO ) Links for today! For Everyone: Anthony Poses For...

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Emma Ferrar: Amazing hahaha. adore!

Reza Moossavi: Can you make one for Texas women? Or any women from Suriname, French Guyana, or Guayana? Or any Caribbean Islanders?

Jilae Lennio: From where is the german one? :D I'm from Germany too and on the first date a man paid for me and my boyfriend pays everytime for me. He doesn't likes it when I pay, so I never get the chance too :D and because I'm half russian I know russian people too and they pay for the woman too.

Lilia H: That is sooo not correct. As a dane, Imust say that most of these fit no danish woman I know. We are not so un-friendly. I mean we can be, but that's the thing about saying that all these are always like that. It doesn't quite work.

Acacia Mota: Jamaica is disgusting

Renate212000: Lisbon is not Mediterranean.

Aldy Adrian: That canadian woman looks like 41

Nick Van B: Come on guys what bout the aussies

Sotiria Kos: If only Indian guys were allowed to get out of the office.the ladies are missing out. smh.

Thaloner: Im born in Sweden and live in Sweden to:)

VeniVidiVici: They both sound the same for me. Im a spanish speaker.

Papinbala: Ah, the French guy and the Brazilian are both cuties ^^

Alice Ayres: Venezuela o Dominica Rupublic

Sugar Crunch: You kind of become an expert at making up languages once you try to sing the music I listen to

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  1. This got me thinking, why does YouTube not allow people to post videos where they're totally naked? What is this, the Middle Ages? So body-negative.

  2. So a video of Winston Churchill playing tennis would be allowed, but a video of Theresa May playing ping-pong would not be.

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